Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scrappy Mom's Sneak Peak #3- As American as Apple Pie

Hi Friends,

We hope you are all enjoying the sneak of the brand new Scrappy Mom's Stamps! Thank you ALL for your sweet comments!

Today I made a little slice of pie from the Lettering Delights pack.. oishi. I agonized over the color of a pie. I wanted to make it red, white and blue but then I thought "ALL AMERICAN" pie is APPLE.. it has to be apple.... the hubs and I decided to make it green for "green apples" and when I went to put it together I thought.. that sure looks like KEY LIME pie to me. Anyway.. I went with traditional apple and the adorable saying from Yankee Doodle Dandy! I put tootsie pops on the inside as a little treat. These would be so fun to fill a basket or pie plate with! I will have a few more things this week!


  1. This is so so cute! I thought about using the pie from Simply Charmed and I had the same problem...what color for apples? I think yours turned out perfect!

  2. Oh,This is just to Cute!!!! Love it! :0)

  3. This is adorable!!!! What a neat idea!!!

  4. So cute!! I like it with the tan- looks like apple pie to me. :)

    - Mel

  5. soooo cute! how did you cut out the pie? did you use tags, bags, boxes, and more and then made your own top?

  6. Oh wow sweetie, it turned out so cute! :) Hugs x

  7. SUPER SUPER SUPER cute Tammy! The color is PERFECT! Love the bling on the tag!!!