Saturday, March 17, 2012

Scrappy Mom's Sneak Peak#2- Hay Chickie

Hi Friends,

We hope you are all enjoying the brand new stamp set Spring Fair and the release of our very first PINWHEEL die.

I have a confession. Today's project had a little "inspiration" behind it. I was wanting to hatch some chicks for my kids for Easter.. and I don't mean the "candy" kind. Before the hatcher even arrived I caved and bought a few Dixie Rainbow chicks. They are only a few days old and I am IN LOVE. I named them DIXIE and CHICK.. I decided to make this little card using our brand new Spring Fair set! I used the peechy keen face for it and I have to admit, it looks pretty similar to the real thing!

I hope you enjoy my card and the photo of my adorable little chick.

Please stop by throughout the week and join us Tuesday for another Terrific Tuesday Challenge here at Scrappy Mom's!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh isn't this the cutest lil' chickie both your adorable card and the real chickie....too cute! ;) Hugs x

  2. OH! Isn't this adorable! And I mean both your card and you new addition to the family! Love!!

  3. Aw, how adorable!!!! I would love to do this for Lilly!